I hate stereotyping don’t you? It is like all the things that make you you all amount to one thing that your race did or  is not proud of but the rest of the world chooses to now focus on. People do not even bother to give you credit that you are far much more than what they heard or seen or that you are not all the same .

Stereotyping is a  bad habit , it makes us assume stuff like all men are dogs.  This makes us forget that some are actually other kinds of animals , like hyenas. Seriously though i hate stereotyping but i am also a hypocrite who does it all the time. Like here in Africa we go by many rules  when it comes to white people. For example , anyone with  lighter shade of skin than ours are total and complete perverts in terms of all sex related matters . Another is  white people can’t dance ergo terrible music or music that no one can dance to unless they have two left  feet. Now this is one I am uncomfortable with , there is nothing like terrible music or music for a race except Indian music  because its pretty to look at  but zero understanding also I will not be interested to know the meaning later (sorry).

Getting back to the matter at hand, i don’t think it is wrong for me to want to start a band  or at least do one of the things that listening to music crave for. There are many genres of music , each genre has its own  origins where it began and grew and became popular. The culture of a certain genre of music should belong to a race however, is wrong. Like black people’s obsession with not allowing any white people to rap or white people hating on black country singers. I do not get it because one, music does not belong to anyone and two, affinity  to a genre does not equal ownership.  Just cause you are blessed to have a voice for opera music and you are white does not mean a person of another race cannot be gifted with the same and at times much better voice than yours. What am i getting at ? Music is to be enjoyed, appreciated not owned.  Cool? cool.

Image result for stereotyping memes all men are dogs

On  that very serious note I would like to introduce myself , my name is Julie and i am a music addict or music lover. I love dance. I have choreographed several classes( in my head)  and I have to say they have gone well.  I like any music that i can dance to . Anyway  my love for good music which i hope to share with you through this blog has brought me here so try and look like you are enjoying it, ha ha ha . Bye.






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