Please, slow down.  It is not what you think.  This is not some sappy post about my soon to be ex boyfriend  or crush or my version  of a break up. It is time to talk about what I have been posting, fashion. It is finally time to say something. 

The bible talks about not judging a person by their appearance,  we are to look deeper to what is within. I believe  that, but at the same time  I love fashion.  I love dressing up and looking good. How someone is dressed says alot about a person. It reveals  a character trait (not a trait that  you should use to hate that person or love them) .  Its quite simple, it gives you insight to someones level of confidence, a persons attitude towards other people. I am not an expert,  i just go with what feels right  and hope it all comes together perfect.

  For the few,  very  few, followers I have acquired,  thank  you  for giving me a chance.  I hope  we get to know each other,  exchange ideas and learn from one another.  I will also be blogging about other random stuff , hope it doesn’t  get too weird (if it already hasn’t).  



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